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Unknown facts about MonaLisa painting

Some real facts about MonaLisa Painting:
One and only one fascinatig painting which is most visited in the world. The most written about, made the whole world to think about is the MonaLisa painting.
One and only one fascinatig painting which is most visited in the world. The most written about, made the whole world to think about is the MonaLisa painting. 

         On hearing about MonaLisa painting, many questions would raise in our mind. like whose pinting is MonaLisa..? and 
  Why her smile changes according to the angle we look at from? and what is the coded message hidden in it? and why no one has observed a big Alien picture in that painting since 500 years? Likewise many questions would hover in our mind.
Today you are going to get answers based on evidences for your questions.

    MonaLisa painting is a portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci.He belongs to 14th century. There is no one who can be compared equal to Da Vinci throughout the history. He is universal intelligent person. Many scientists named him as Gereatest person of all time. Some people told that, he is alien hybrid and so he has such a knowledge. The Last supper painting connected to Jesus is done by Da Vinci.

  Before going to chase mystery of MonaLisa, Let us know some interesting facts of this painting.
  1. MonaLisa painting is done on wood, but not on paper. Now that wood is used in making of skateboards.
  2. This painting has been done from 1503 to 1519 by Da Vinci. infact, before this pinting was completed Da Vinci passed away.
  3. As we thought, MonaLisa painting is not in a size of a wall.
  4. Actual name of its painting is not Mona Lisa, it is Monna Lisa. In Italian the meaning is My Lady. 
  5. French ruler Napoleon liked this painting very much. That is why he hung it in his bedroom.
  6. Since 1797 MonaLisa painitng was at the Louvre Museun at Paris.
  7. In 1951, a person threw a rock at this painting. that'y there is a patch on the elbow of MonaLisa.
  8. Specially for MonaLisa painting Louvre Museum has spent 50 crores to establish one climate control room and there this painting is in a bullet proof glass.
  9. In 1960, MonaLisa painting was estimated for a cost of 700 crores. that means , now it costs arond 5300 crores.

Now let us solve the mystery:

Actually, Da Vinci did not mention about who is that in this painting in any of his works of writing. Infact, he didnot even leave a small clue too. then who is MonaLisa? Model face in MonaLisa painting doesnot match with anyone during that time. Da Vinci's close friend, who wrote a letter, was found in 2005. That letter was written in 1503. It is written in that,Da Vinci is working on a painting of Francesco Del Giaconda. Giaconda's wife name is called Lisa Geraldine. In the remembrance of the occasion of his second son's birth and constructing his own house he asked Da Vinci to draw the apinting of his wife. During that time, the painting on which Da Vici was working on as MonaLisa. But we cannot tell that this pinting was of Lisa Geraldine. The twist in this is Historians have been telling that the facial features of Lisa Geraldine and MonaLisa are not same.

     In the year 2004, a scientist named Pascal Cottee Used the technology of spectra light with high intensity light and multi lens camera, he seperated the layers in the painting. Then a fact which would surprise the whole world came out.

   Da Vinci used paint with 40Micro meters of thicknes in this painting. That means half of the thickness of a humn hair. There are 3 layers of painting in that.There is another peron's painting under the painting of MonaLisa. But the girl in this painting and MonaLisa are completely different. Her expression and viewing angle are all different. More over her face has no smile. But her facial features have matched with that of Lisa Geraldine. Da Vinci did not have much satisfaction with Lisa Geraldine's face, He tried to modify the face for his satisfaction. So here it is... The model used to make MonaLisa painting is none other than "Lisa Geraldine".

The second mystery:

Da Vinci was a master, who can hide codes and messages in art work. so, what is the coded mesage hidden in thi painting?

Why no one has observed the alien picture hidden in this painting since 500 years?

  Coming to the mystery,Left of the MonaLisa is the most interesting part. Why because,using Ultra High End Microscope Focusing on different shades on that.Some letters have been found. If those letters are chronologically formed "La risposta si trova qui" was the result. It means "The Answer Lies here in Italian". Many tried to decode it. But no one could get the answer. Recently Paranormal Crucible which is a popular website. They were mirrored and joined MonaLisa painting's left side together in computer. Then Ultra Digital detail scan was been done, An issue come up which would baffle the world around us. "It is a big terrestrial". Da Vinci who wrote that the answer lies here. And an Alien picture coming out in that same part. 

        Is everything a coincidence or Da Vinci willingly hid message about aliens in this. time has confirm it.
            So, Is Da Vinci belongs to Aliens Community?

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