Sunday, 11 September 2016

The last mystery: MonaLisa

The last mystery:

What is the technique used by  DaVinci to make changes in smile of MonaLisa?

Scientists in Sundarlan University Organised a survey along with 100's of volunteers. When the painting of MonaLisa is viewed from a distance She seems to be happy and when from a direct angle her mouth seems to be little slanting towards down. DaVinci had used a technique called Sfumato. And in this techniques, definite outlines would not be there in paintings. Outlines are made by blending different colours, has been told. The technique called Sfumato, could not be used as perfectly as DaVinci did in any painting by anyone. MonaLisa smile is not unique.

 Few years beore MonaLisa's painting, in a painting called La Bella Principessa, DaVinci used this technique. When both the smiles have been compared. It has been undertood that this smile is a visual illusion. MonaLisa's smile changes from the view point of our look. If we focus on the eyes of MonaLisa. She looks smiling. Immediately if we see her lips that smile disappears. That is why this smile is called uncatchable smile. So MonaLisa's smile is nothing but Sfumato atechnique done perfectlyonly by DaVinci.

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